Save WebEx Streaming Presentation for later viewing using the TEMP files WebEx creates

I am trying to download a Webex streaming recording so that it is on my hard drive and I can view it offline, as I do not have access to download the file from Cisco WebEx. During the stream, Webex creates a temp folder with .cad, .cai, .conf, .dat, .idx, and .std files. I copied this folder to my hard drive so that I can have it permanently even after I close the webex stream as it is deleted from the TEMP folder on close of the WebEx program.  I am hoping that all the necessary information is stored in the .DAT and other files so that I can watch the recording again on my computer.

Please let me know if there is a way to convert these files to a usable format or find a way to open them with the WebEx Network Recording Player.

PS - I have used Camtasia Screen capture software to copy the presentations before, but this process is very time consuming and lower quality.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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jpaul1915Author Commented:
Hello, Thank you for your response, but I already found that question thread and it does not answer my question or the original question of the user who posted it. The final conclusion was to download the file from the WebEx portal. I only have access to the streaming file and the TEMP files it creates during recording. I am trying to use the TEMP files WebEx creates to watch the presentation at a later time offline.
did you try opening the .dat with VLC media player or the ARF player from web-ex?

rename the .dat as .mp4 for vlc

rename the .dat as .arf for the arf player:

see if it plays.....
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jpaul1915Author Commented:
Yes, I tried the extensions (.mp4, .arf, .wrf, .mpg, .avi) on both .DAT files. As you can see from the image attached of the files that were created in the WebEx TEMP folder, there are multiple .DAT files.  The video files never played in VLC Player and I tried to open the .arf and .wrf files with WebEx Recording Player and says "File format is not valid. Please choose a *.arf file"
You tried playing them in VLC media player?  Looks like people have had success changing the extension to .asf then playing them with VLC.

Run the codec identifier on them:

Post what the output is from the codec, if you post the file somewhere (.dat), and put the link in the forum, I can parse the file and tell you how to open it.
jpaul1915Author Commented:
I opened the largest .DAT file (without changing file extension) using the MediaInfo Program. This is what appeared under "MPEG-7" view:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- Generated at 2013-09-18T23:19:26+00:00 by MediaInfoLib - v0.7.64 -->
<mpeg7:Mpeg7 xmlns="urn:mpeg:mpeg7:schema:2004" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:mpeg7="urn:mpeg:mpeg7:schema:2004" xsi:schemaLocation="urn:mpeg:mpeg7:schema:2004">
                        <mpeg7:Name>MediaInfoLib - v0.7.64</mpeg7:Name>
      <mpeg7:Description xsi:type="ContentEntityType">
            <mpeg7:MultimediaContent xsi:type="MultimediaType">
                                          <mpeg7:Content href="urn:x-mpeg7-mediainfo:cs:ContentCS:2009:50">
                                                <mpeg7:Name xml:lang="en"></mpeg7:Name>
jpaul1915Author Commented:
Here is a link to the files created in the TEMP folder when the WebEx presentation is streaming. Included is a .RAR file that has all of the files that were created in the TEMP folder when streaming the WebEx presentation (these files are deleted from the TEMP folder after exiting the WebEx program).

Hopefully you will be able to discern if you are able to recreate the WebEx presentation for viewing from these files.

Thanks again!
Its a MPEG-7 container, which has many things within it.... video, images, annotation, audio, they are all combined into this .dat file.  Its not proprietary, but not widely used.  VLC will not support this, nor will many other applications in windows.

Although it is possible to extract the data you need from those files, it will take some doing, and is beyond the scope of this forum.

Here is an explination of the MPEG-7 container:

I would look at the binaries from this website:

and contact the author of those binaries for help with this.  I imagine one of the reasons why they are using MPEG-7 is to make it difficult for people to do what you are attempting to do.  I think the author Muhammet Bastan would be more than happy to help, it seems the MPEG-7 format is his passion.

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Anthony RussoCommented:
The reason this is so complicated to do is because it is against the WebEx TOS. Most often this is being done in an attempt to attend a Webinar and record it without paying for the recording that the host is trying to sell.

Can it be done? Probably. Should it be done? Questionable not knowing the circumstances. It is a violation of WebEx's TOS though.
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