Frustrated with Citrix Web Interface

This is a Win 7 64 laptop running IE9

Whenever the user goes to login, they are presented with the big green install button and told to click install to access your applications (screenshot 1).   The problem is, install has ALREADY been clicked and the software is already loaded on the machine.  Never the less... if they click 'skip to login' they are greeted with the message that the website cannot find the required software.....   (screenshot 2).

They can still click and run published apps, so everything is working.... but I don't understand why we cannot get this message to clear for this one user, who IS an admin on the machine.

If I login to the machine, I do not get the install prompt or the warning message when I go to this same login screen.  In fact, even if logged in as this user, if I right click INternet Explorer and choose 'run as administrator'  it does not present the install option or error message.  It only happens to the user.

We have tried resetting internet explorer Tools > Internet Options >Advanced > Reset.

The computer is on a domain, so much of the security is pre-set.

What else can we try?

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WyoComputersConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Citrix is confused.  You have to help it out.  Citrix is often confused it seems....  You could play around with each local machine until you found the exact things to put and configure in the exact places... or.... configure one administrative template, configure it, and apply it to your group policy.  When the user logs on, everything will be set, the server will be trusted, the locations of the installed files will be defined, and you will not get the errors....

You may have to deploy receiver in your network to fix this as the WebApp does not fully work properly as installed (I think the install set has outdated installer)
snyperjAuthor Commented:
That's great advice, but that would need to run through our corporate IT and would take time.
I am hopng to get a few machines on my team straigtened out so any help with that (things t check, reset, etc..) would be greatly appreciated.
Tony JConnect With a Mentor Lead Technical ArchitectCommented:
Is the website URL in the trusted sites list in IE?

If it isn't there, that can cause these kind of issues too.
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snyperjAuthor Commented:
I will check it, but we don't have enhanced security in IE turned on...could it still matter?
Tony JLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
It absolutely would. It controls things like activex plugins - or rather limits them - such as the client detection plugin.
snyperjAuthor Commented:
Thanks Tony, tried it, but still get the 'Install' prompt under that user's profile.
snyperjAuthor Commented:
Is there any way to force a specific active X plugin to fire?  I know the prompt...I saw it when I logged in and accepted it and I do NOT get the install prompt on this same laptop- but the user does...
Can you ask the user to check it from a different machine and see if the issue persists ?
If no , you can create a new profile for the user on the laptop
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