Lost trust relationship on virtual machine - is password reset possible

We've had issues where laptops and desktops have lost the trust relationship and our solution was to log in locally and remove the computer from our domain, reboot and then add it back to the domain.  But after losing 2 of our drives at the same time in the server array and rebuilding the array we are now experiencing problems with our virtual server (MS SQL 2008 R2).  This houses our reporting services as well as SharePoint so it is important to resolve this issue as soon as we can.  After restoring the OS (Windows 2008 R2) to a previous restore point we are now receiving this error message of the Trust Relationship is now broken and we don't have the password for the local user on that image.

When we had an older machine that didn't have a recorded local user password we could use a password reset boot disk that we used to remove the local administrator password to remove the domain but is this possible with a virtual pc?  

If anyone has any ideas that can help we'd really appreciate it!
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HSI_guelphAuthor Commented:
Problem solved!  I read an article that suggested disconnecting the virtual machine from the AD server and log in as a domain user.  My supervisor tried this, I believe he shut down the network adapter in the VM administrative program (I am not familiar enough with the program) and then it let him log in.  Our network guru told us to do this for physical machines, take laptops off docking stations and log in off the network so this made sense.  Here is the article if anyone ever needs it.


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HSI_guelphAuthor Commented:
I accept myself because I found an answer but this might help someone else so I didn't delete the question.
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