"Error in IOCTL call" error message while formatting USB Drive


I recently got "ADATA USA DashDrive Choice UC510 USB 32GB Flash Drive (AUC510-32G-RTI)" from Amazon and tried formatting it to NTFS.

But this is what I get:

I tried it in command prompt as well:

C:\Users\Adrian>format e:
Insert new disk for drive E:
and press ENTER when ready...
Error in IOCTL call.


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It looks to me that the drive is DoA. I'd prefer keeping it since I only paid $7. Any ideas would be great. Thanks.
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Iain MacMillanConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
depending on the NAND chips and how good your USB hub is, along with other factors such as AV scanning, OS overhead/transfer coding etc, that's about right, most good USB2 sticks peg out reading about 25-30MB/sec and writing about half of that, so getting 22/23 is about right and what you would expect to see.

Theoretical limit should be 60MB/sec, but your never going to get that unless you have a high end stick with dual memory controller and a perfect USB connection with no other factors/overheads in the way.
Iain MacMillanConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
the error is normally due to a fault with the drive, did you pull it out the USB socket while it was writing/or not using the Safely disconnect option and just pull the stick??

does it work in any other system as it is as FAT32?  If not, then $7 for 32GB stick is very very low, and i suspect it could be poor quality NAND chips.

I always recommend Kingston Data Traveller USB sticks, i have over 14 of them in different capacities and never had a failure in 6 years.....cheap sticks are cheap for a reason unfortunately, they don't last.
Davis McCarnConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
According to AData's FAQ, you need to type CONVERT E: /FS:NTFS in a CMD window.
http://www.adata-group.com/index.php?action=ss_main&page=ss_content_faq&cat=USB Flash Drives&lan=en
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Iain MacMillanIT ManagerCommented:
if windows doesn't recognise the flash drive, doesn't matter what you try and do with the formatting.  i have formatted plenty to NTFS from the explorer interface, you only convert when you need to keep the data on the drive.
adrian23Author Commented:
Thanks Iain and Davis.

No, it was the first time that I plugged the drive to the port. I tried to format to NTFS on another laptop and it seems to have worked.

I tried copying files (larger than 4GB) and it seems to be ok albeit a little slow (8 - 9 MB/s) over a 2.0 USB hub. The speed is fine by me.

I'm currently running CrystalDigitalMark tests on it and will post the results shortly.
adrian23Author Commented:
Here are the results:



CDM 4000MB
Do these look ok to you guys? Seems they're pretty slow when plugged to an USB 2.0 hub. I don't have free ports to plug directly to. :(
adrian23Author Commented:
Thanks Iain.. Appreciate the info. Guess I can live with the speed until I get an USB 3.0 PC.
i have a 8 GB Sony pen drive when i want to format my pen drive it displaying message WINDOWS WAS UNABLE TO COMPLETE FORMAT.PLEASE HELP ME TO slove these problem
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