Can we add two 300 GB Disks to existing RAID 1+0 ?

What is the best procedure to add two 300GB disks to existing RAID 1+0 on HP Proliant 320S with Smart Array P400 controller?

Do we need to reboot the server or can be configured while server running?
By adding two 300GB HD, I assume we will only get 300GB of extra space right?
Please see attached image
ArcITIT ManagerAsked:
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andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The P400/512 supports online array expansion and logical disk extension so long as it has a cache battery, so there should be no problem unless the battery has died.

Add the disks physically, select the array in the ACU and you will get the option to expand it. You will have to wait several hours for releveling to complete before you can extend one of the logical drives on it or create new ones. Don't shut down or power off, it can cause problems if they are second hand disks and it isn't needed. ACU is under start-progs-HP system tools although it may be elsewhere too on these Windows Storage Server installations.
Do you know what the model number of the hard drives are?  You can look them up on this spec sheet and it will tell you if it's a hot-plug or not:

If it's not hot-plug compatible, then you will have to turn the server off, insert the hard drives, turn the server on again and possibly configure them.

If you install two more drives, then this RAID calculator says that you'll have 1.2 terabytes of drive space total.

And here's the support page for your product, in case you need it:
ArcITIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
its not listed in there but we have replaced them in past as hot swappable in case anyone of them have died. The real question is we have 3 kind of arrays (2 of them as mirror and 1 as described above as Raid 1+0). As we add 2 x extra HD will we get option of reconfigure/add to existing raid?
Yes, RAID types do not have a limit on how many drives they can accommodate.  The amount of redundancy / disk space / performance will increase but you may be better off just going with a single RAID 10 across the board.
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