Exchange 2003 - System Attendant Mailbox

We have a user which emailed themselves something from exchange webmail. For some reason the email doesnt show up in inbox, sent, junk, drafts etc.
When i run a message track it shows the email was sent to the System Attendant mailbox.
How can i get this email? Is there a way to access this mailbox?
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BA-IT-2000Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
why was the message delivered there?
Praveen BalanSolution ArchitectCommented:
The System Attendant mailbox is not for normal emails, it is used mainly for managing few systems tasks as mentioned below, not used for normal email delivery/send.
CDO or OWA push Free/Busy information
Mailbox moves.
send and receive the messages used by the legacy link monitoring service

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BA-IT-2000Author Commented:
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