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I want to receive internet via wifi and distribute it via ethernet. Is there some hardware made for that? An example of the situation that calls for this is a hardware firewall that works with ethernet in a hotel room that only provides wifi.
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That's also called Client Mode or Client Bridged Mode in DD-WRT firmware...
When you make a wireless connection in DD-WRT's Client Mode, the radio connects to the WAN side of the router and feeds the wired LAN ports like a regular router (i.e. you would have a NAT'd subnet that appears as a single connection to the wireless source).
When you make a wireless connection in Client Bridged Mode, the radio connects to the wired LAN side of the router, putting the wired client[s] in the same subnet as the wireless source.

Buffalo sells quite a few routers with DD-WRT pre-installed, so you don't have to worry about bricking a router the first time you try to flash a Linksys et al.
Buffalo WZR-HP-G450H (2.4GHz only)
Buffalo WZR-600DHP (dual band)
any computer can do that. you can simply use a regular laptop, connect to the internet over wifi and share that connection on the computer. all you need is a switch to plug other equipments.

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I wouldn't exactly call them "new" - more like 'evolving', since linking to outside content's always been frowned on, and even used to be grounds for the lowest grade (not anymore, though - Grading Guidelines - I don't know how to access that document's revision history to see when that was changed... at least since May - its last revision date).

There was a recent publication of its current form in the 11 September 2013 issue of the semi-monthly EE Newsletter.
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