sync iphone with exchange

Hey guys, we have exchange 2010. I have an iphone. I know how to sync with exchange, where the contacts from exchange go to my iphone, but is it possible to have my iphone contacts also sync to exchange or rather my outlook client
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Daniel HelgenbergerCommented:
No, you still have to copy the contacts over in outlook, I think. But there it will be one copy/paste operation essentially.

I can only tell in theory, only used Mac OS do this.
Sushil SonawaneCommented:
It is not possible to sync iPhone contact to exchange server. you can sync with outlook.

Refer below link to sync IPhone with exchange server.
mrbayItAuthor Commented:
just to be clear, i want it to be the outlook contacts that sync i just thought it had to be exchange.
let me just say the scenario

i have an executive who wants his iphone and exchange to be one. What i mean is

if he adds a contact on outlook contacts, it shows up on his iphone. And if he adds a contact on his iphone it shows up in outlook

is that possible?
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that is possible,

just sync the exchange contacts with your iphone..
And the contacts that were on his phone, he'll have to add them manually to the exchange contacts.. can be done within outlook, owa, or on his iphone (just put them in the correct contact group)
Daniel HelgenbergerCommented:
What works well though:
In MacOS, set up iCloud (with your phone contacts) and Exchange in System Preferences / Accounts.

Then open Address Book, and use 'Lists', use copy/paste to copy over the iCloud contacts to Exchange.

With us, the iPhone automatically recognized the duplicates and 'connected' them. This way changes to a contact on the phone are replicated to both accounts.
mrbayItAuthor Commented:
helge i like your idea better, fabric anything manual isnt automatic replication which is what i need to both locations. Helge the only thing is he doesnt have osx, can i still achieve this with ios?
Daniel HelgenbergerCommented:
Not in iOS to my knowledge. But with windows, outlook and iCloud control Panel it works the same; iCloud will sync Outlook contacts.
mrbayItAuthor Commented:
ok so i install exchange on iphone the normal way
then install icloud on pc, and it will give me exchange settings and thats it?
changes will replicate in both places
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