URGENT! VB.NET - Need to be able to type into a DataGridViewComboBoxColumn

Hello everyone,

I have a DataGridViewComboBoxColumn that is bound to a DataTable.  It works fine but I need to be able to type additional values into the the cell.  The values DO NOT have to be saved in the DataGridViewComboBox Items list, but they do have to be saved to the database.

How should I start?

Eric BurtonSr.ProgrammerAsked:
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SAMIR BHOGAYTAFreelancer and IT ConsultantCommented:
hi.. this is best example for your solutions try this it's working

Private Sub GridStockItemEntry_EditingControlShowing(sender As Object, e As DataGridViewEditingControlShowingEventArgs)

      Dim row As DataGridViewRow = GridStockItemEntry.CurrentRow
      Dim cell As DataGridViewCell = GridStockItemEntry.CurrentCell
      If e.Control.[GetType]() = GetType(DataGridViewComboBoxEditingControl) Then

            If cell = row.Cells("ItemName") AndAlso Convert.ToString(row.Cells("Type").Value) = "Raw Material" Then
                  Dim cbo As DataGridViewComboBoxEditingControl = TryCast(e.Control, DataGridViewComboBoxEditingControl)

                  cbo.DropDownStyle = ComboBoxStyle.DropDown

                  cbo.Validating += New CancelEventHandler(AddressOf cbo_Validating)
            End If
      End If

End Sub
Private Sub cbo_Validating(sender As Object, e As CancelEventArgs)

      Dim cbo As DataGridViewComboBoxEditingControl = TryCast(sender, DataGridViewComboBoxEditingControl)

      Dim grid As DataGridView = cbo.EditingControlDataGridView

      Dim value As Object = cbo.Text

      ' Add value to list if not there

      If cbo.Items.IndexOf(value) = -1 Then

            Dim cboCol As DataGridViewComboBoxCell = DirectCast(grid.CurrentCell, DataGridViewComboBoxCell)

            ' Must add to both the current combobox as well as the template, to avoid duplicate entries...



            grid.CurrentCell.Value = value
      End If

End Sub

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