Network connection running slow

We have a CAT 5 cable that connects our factory with our main office block.  We are getting a average of about 10 Mega Bytes second.  Switches either side are a 1GB switches.  How can i improve the speed?

We have a HP V1910-16G Switch and a Netgear GS108T on the other side.

Users are using the computers fine but I want to start backing up data to the other side of the factory from our main office block but I will need faster connection to send over the amount of data required for our backups.
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resolver1Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
We've put a fiber in now and don't have a problem with speed :-)
Are you able to log into the switches and check the individual port speeds?
resolver1Author Commented:
Switch speed on both are configured to auto and port speed is 1000M.
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resolver1Author Commented:
NetGear switch : port 6 is the port that goes to the factory.
HP switch details

First you need to check your cable use to cat.6 patch cords in same switch and check any data transfer rate changes .if there is big change you can change your cable cat.6 or cat.6a.Data transfer rate is related to may things hard disc ,port speed of computer etc.
resolver1Author Commented:
Its category 5 cable and we run any more cable down the pipe between the buildings so laying more cable isnt a option.  any other suggestions?
resolver1Author Commented:
Thanks for taking the time to answer.  We couldn't solve the problem so we put a fiber connection in.
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