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I am using FMPro v12.4.  I can't track the use of some of the fields in some of the tables, and want to find if they are used on any layout.

On the knowledgebase there is a 2008 answer to a similar question [ID23664368] which says this is not possible.

Is there a way, now, to do this?  Or is it still not possible?  I can't be the only administrator who grapples with predecessor's files.

Thanks in advance
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Will LovingConnect With a Mentor PresidentCommented:
If you are using FileMaker Pro Advanced (or know someone who has it), you can produce the HTML version of the Database Design Report under the Tools menu. This will show you references and dependencies for every field, layout and script in a database. This is really the best way. In addition, there are some tools like "Inspector Pro" that start with the XML version of the Database Design Report and provide additional information, search capability and cross-referencing.  These are critical tools for anyone doing development work in FileMaker.

I'm not aware of any way to get this kind of information using the standard version of FileMaker Pro. It's really a developer need so it's included in FileMaker Pro Advanced. If you don't have FileMaker Pro Advanced, consider getting it. The Database Design Report is an essential tool, but other features include:

- Script Debugger - step-by-step debugging and error tracking
- The ability to copy and paste fields, scripts, script steps, etc.
- The ability to edit menus and create your own (e.g. a Reports menu)
- The ability to add Custom Functions
aws148Author Commented:
Thanks, especially for the extra info about FMP Advanced, which I will budget.
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