SQL Server 2000 machine failed, move database to SQL 2005 machine


We have a Windows 200 server machine with SQL server 2000 which has failed and also the backup.

We can access the HDD and have extracted the .MDF & .LDF files.

How can I bring this database into a SQL 2005 server which we have?

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David ToddConnect With a Mentor Senior DBACommented:

point 2.1
Check the rights on these files. On modern systems you may need to unblock these files, and do double check that SQL has full access to these files.

point 4
Check the users etc have the appropriate rights to access the database.

Point 5
Check the database settings, compatibility mode, checksum vs torn page, etc.

point 6
Check that your maintenance plans (backups, transaction backups, index optimisation, etc) will apply to the new database

Barry CunneyCommented:
1. Make a good separate backup copy of the MDF and LDF files in case there are any problems or if you wish to back to SQL 2000 gain for any reason.

2. Copy the MDF and LDF files to a location appropriate and visible for your SQL Server 2005 instance - it is good practice to put the LDF file on a separate drive to the MDF file if possible.

3. In SQL Server 2005, right-click the databases node and choose the Attach Database option - you will get a GUI in which you can choose to add the MDF and LDF files
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