Unexpected system shutdown

My Win 2003 server is rebooting himself maybe 3-4 times a week. He has big mirrored HDD and it takes him a day to resync them after failure.
I cannot find out what is causing this. I have removed lot af programs and services from him and I did replace all the disks in him. (He had software Raid-5 disks (6 disk) but now he have only 2 disks mirrored)
The server is running IIS,DNS and PHP and Third party EXE programs.
The image setup is about 4 years old.
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Are updates configured to install automatically?
Have you checked scheduled tasks.
What do your event logs tell you happened just before the shutdown.
If the shutdown is unexpected, have you done a diag test?
Faulty memory perhaps?
Any chance someone is doing a remote shutdown on purpose?
Have you changed the admin passwords?
Are the servers patched?
soffcecManagerAuthor Commented:
*Are updates configured to install automatically?
The server is configured for automatically updates every saturday at 3:00AM

*Have you checked scheduled tasks.
I have many scheduled tasks and have checked most of them (still some left)

*What do your event logs tell you happened just before the shutdown.
System (last event 500  23 min. before reboot)
Application (last event 1003 10h 30m before reboot)
DNS (last event 5504 26 min. before reboot)

*If the shutdown is unexpected, have you done a diag test?
What kind of diag test ?

*Faulty memory perhaps?
Maybe - I will try to change memory

*Any chance someone is doing a remote shutdown on purpose?
Very unlikly, found no trace of that.

*Have you changed the admin passwords?
Not for some months

*Are the servers patched?
Yes I belive so
Diag Test - Diagnostic test. Memory Test. Sometimes the vendor has specific tests.
HP, Dell, IBM, etc.
Plenty of options on the net.
Try typing mdsched and pressing enter in the run section.
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If the rebooting is really unexpected (BSOD), it will leave a system error event in the event log.
In this case you should set the option in the advanced system properties for the Startup and Recovery debugging information to Small Memory Dump 64KB
After a few more sudden reboots, check the c:\windows\minidump\ folder, and send the files here. That way, we can see if there's a pattern (buggy DLL), or if it's unpredictable and all over the place (hardware/memory/motherboard).
soffcecManagerAuthor Commented:
Her is one Minidump for 21.9
Rob MinersCommented:
BugCheck 1000007F

You can test the memory by running this application.


If the Memory tests out OK then run Driver Verifier as the debugger output references the NT kernel files.

Press the WinKey + r type verifier /all

Restart the machine.

You may or may not Blue screen, if not you can also create a log file by following this proceedure:

Once you're up and running press the WinKey + r type verifier /log drvchk.txt and press Enter.

This will open a blank command window while it is doing the check. Let it run for 3 minutes, then close the window, you may get an error message, but you can ignore it.

Press the WinKey + r type verifier /reset and press Enter.

Press the WinKey + r type %userprofile%\drvchk.txt

if it's not there

Press the WinKey + r type %windir%\System32\drvchk.txt

 Look for any errors.

If the computer fails to boot because of the verifier.
Restart in Safe Mode by repeatedly pressing the function key F8 during startup.

Click Start, type verifier /reset in the Start Search box, and then press Enter.
Click OK or Yes to the UAC prompt.
Restart the machine.

Post the new dump file if you get one.

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soffcecManagerAuthor Commented:
I did change memory and no unexpected shutdown since
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Windows Server 2003

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