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I have a number of pictures in .wmf format which include Cyrillic text, since moving these to the Windows server 2008 machine they display strange characters instead of the Cyrillic text.

On the previous server (Windows server 2000) I just downloaded a language pack for it to work but I cannot find the equivalent for Window server 2008.

Can anyone help me resolve this, please.
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Davis McCarnConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
Try this, which are instructions to install the fonts; but, with the WMF files are specifying a font and that is the one you need.

If you have access to the old server, you can copy the TTF files (fonts) to a flash drive and then install them on the new server.
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Look in the Installation Instructions section for which pack you want:
Server 2008:
Server 2008 R2 (not at all the same!):
NemetonaAuthor Commented:
Thank you for those links but they do not appear to have resolved my problem.  I downloaded and installed the Russian one and I now have an option in my toolbar to change my keyboard etc to Russian but my .wmf are still showing strange characters rather than cyrillic.

Would you have any other thoughts?
NemetonaAuthor Commented:
Thank you, I ended up manually installing a whole heap of fonts until I found the one that worked.  Thank you for your help as it pointed me in the right direction.
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