Variables giving errors

Hi all,

I have a program that have been using variables such as int16, Char, Windows, Environment, DateTime...

This program has worked for over 8 years as is, however, it now gives me the following errors:

Name 'Environment' is not declared
Type 'int16' is not defined
Type 'DateTime' is not defined
Type 'Exception' is not defined
Name 'Char' is not declared

Code snippets (one liners) of how these are used are:

PUB_user = Environment.UserName
Dim DT_date As DateTime = Now()
For i As Int16 = 1) then
If [Char].IsNumber(e.KeyChar)
Catch ex As Exception

My references haven't changed. I've attached a screenshot of my references.

Thanks in advance
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FMabeyConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I'm not too sure what the cause of this issue was but the resolution was to prefix my troublesome variable with the relevant reference i.e. system.
Deepak LakkadCommented:

This issue is due to missing reference.

What is the first reference?

- Deepak Lakkad
FMabeyAuthor Commented:

Thanks for your response. The missing DLL I know about. It's a Crystal dll that is no longer required.

FMabeyAuthor Commented:
Resolution found
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