python array


i have this code that i am trying to understand..

 np.subtract.outer(obs[:,0], interp[:,0])

even when i run the program..i dont understand.....
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I am guessing, that obs and interp are no standard python data types, but some
special class of a special library.

In order to verify my assumption:
could you add following line before this line in question and tell me what's printed out

print('type of obs = %r' % type(obs))
zizi21Author Commented:
I am trying to understand teh second code from here

It is self created array ...
OK. This code is heavily using numpy, with which I have unfortunately very little experience.

You see, that numpy is imported as np,
which means, that all functions like for example
np.vstack() are numpy functions.

so the line
obs = np.vstack((x0, y0)).T

creates some numpy object, which is not a standard array, but an object of the type
numpy.ndarray, which is an n-dimensional array and allows manipulations not supported by normal python arrays.

Please look at Numpy's documentation:

The third example explains the slicing syntax

y = x[:,1]

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zizi21Author Commented:
Thanks a lot
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