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I have an SBS2008 as my DC and a new WS2012 as a member. I noticed a few days ago that when I shut down my SBS, I was not able to login (rdp) to WS2012 (complaint about my username/pass), I had to bring the SBS2008 up and was able to rdp to 2012 again. I would assume it would cache the login details. What if my SBS dies? Will not be able to connect to the other server at all?
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jmanishbabuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the SBS is a  Global Catalog and that the client that is attempting to login is pointing to a DNS server.  

If the SBS is only available DC in the domain . You will not be able to RDP to the server since the Password caching will not work when domain controller is not available and if your connected on the network.
Could this be DNS? The SBS is the DNS server and when it is not running, you cannot RDP to the server name? Have you tried RDP to the IP address?
MetaltreeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you unplug the NIC from the 2012 server it will let you login via cached credentials, then you can plug the NIC back in... not sure why you'd want to do that though especially if there are no other gc/dns servers on the network
m1979Author Commented:
Thanks guys, well... I had a power  issue a few days ago, DC shut down and wanted to shut down my second server and I could not RDP to it at all. Thanks for the trick with the NIC card!
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