Server 2008 Second AD/DNS not working

We have Win 2K8 AD/DNS/DCHP (SRV1) server and one Win 2K3 AD/DNS.  None of these are R2

We are trying to get decommission the 2003 server.

I've created another 2008 (non R2) SRV2. It had been running as an AD server, but in a instances when SRV1 turned off no-one could log on to their computer.  I just made SRV2 a DNS server.  From what i can tell it is replicating ok.  I just followed the standard prompts when adding a DNS  role.

SRV1 is virtual server while SRV2 is physical.  We practiced a test power down with our UPS, but when SRV1 shutdown again users couldn't log on to workstations, and workstations couldn't go out the internet.   Also our client PC's only show SRV1 as their primary DNS server.  I don't think DCHP is sending out the IP address of SRV2.

I've checked SRV2's IP address is in the Name Servers for our Zone and it is.  

Any thoughts?
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Vaseem MohammedCommented:
You will need to transfer the FSMO roles from 2003 server to 2008. this might help you.
Also when you shutdown 2003 srv, make sure 2008 server NIC is configured with DNS IP as its own.

You have to add SRV2's IP Address as an additional DNS Server IP Address in DHCP Scope Options. Then DHCP server will be distributing SRV2's IP Address to clients.

Scope Options

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ozzalotAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick reply. I forgot to mention SRV1 the Virtual server 2008 that has AD/DNS/DHCP has all the FSMO roles.  I transferred the FSMO roles a while back from the server 2003.
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ozzalotAuthor Commented:
Thanks SreRaj.  I knew it has listed somewhere I but couldn't remember at all.

So SRV1 and SRV2 need have their NIC DNS as their own?  Right now I have SRV2 NIC DNS as SRV1 as primary and SRV2 as secondary.  Each DNS server needs to have their own IP address as Primary DNS?
Yes, that would be good. Each DNS server should have its own address or loopback address ( as Primary DNS Server.

Also, you could run the command 'DCDiag' from command prompt on SRV2 and see if it is reporting any error.
ozzalotAuthor Commented:
Ok I've set SRV2 NIC DNS to it's ip address and I've SRV2 as an additional DNS server in DHCP.

On a test client if I set the NIC to get IP from DHCP it gets the primary DNS from SRV1 and seconday DNS from SRV2.  Thanks for your help :)

But on the same client if i set the IP address to static and list the SRV2 as primary DNS it doesn't go out the web.  I've verified SRV2 can go out the web.  Also in SRV2 I don't see folder "Cached Lookups" like I see in SRV1.

Shouldn't I be able to go out the web if I list SRV2 as primary DNS on client PC?
On SRV2, in DNS server console, open dns server properties and add your ISP's DNS Servers as forwarders. This will help clients to resolve any name which is not part of your AD Domain thru ISP DNS Servers.

Setting forwarder
Also, in order to see the Cached Lookups object in DNS console, from the View menu, select Advanced.
ozzalotAuthor Commented:

This might be a stupid question, but SRV1 has no forwarders listed.  How is it clients can go out to the internet via it, and not via SRV2?
ozzalotAuthor Commented:
Ooops I figured it out. I reversed two numbers for the gateway address on the client PC.  Once I fixed that all is well.  It has a static IP with DNS of SRV2 and it goes out the web just fine.  Thank you both for your help!
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