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I have a project for a client that I'm trying to decide on the best way to approach it.

Think in terms of a single page brochure (8.5in x 11in) that has text and a few photos on it. For arguments sake lets say it's describing a new toy at a local toy store. The toy store wants employees to be able to log into the backend of their web site and create a new brochure each week for a featured toy. The backend would have a template that could be edited (in the browser) each week, replacing text, photos, etc...

I'm thinking of starting with a basic HTML/CSS page and using ckEditor, ckFinder to enable inline editing of the various areas on the template. Then that page can be printed out and (ideally) saved on the server for future use.

Has anyone done something similar to this? I looked over the docs on ckFinder and cdEditor and it *seems* fairly straight forward though I'm sure I'll run into some bumps.

Any other solutions other then ckeditor/finder that others have used?

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Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
Are you trying to put together a brochure that can be printed?  To an inkjet printer or to a professional press?  Or is this for a site?
nachtmskAuthor Commented:
Padas: This will eventually be printed after it's designed on the site.
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
I would check out the api's at  The reason is what you need to send to a professional printer is going to be different then printing to your inkjet.  

However, it would be worth experimenting and create a simple brochure using html tags.  You would need to include fonts and images need to be 100% size and 150 or 300 dpi.  Just create a pdf on the fly from the html.  

I think your job will be easier if you are doing as you say where you have a template and then use ckeditor to update text in specific locations.
nachtmskAuthor Commented:
Chances are the printing will just be done locally on an inkjet printer or something similar. Quality doesn't have to be magazine quality. The key here is something to allow users to create their own brochures using a browser.
I like the PDF idea. Years ago Adobe used to have a product (Distiller) that would work on Unix. I could make a call from a script and Distiller would take the file and create a PDF out of it.
Is there something similar for Windows server these days that you know about. I'd like it if I could make a PDF from a web app on the server. As opposed to someone having a local plug-in on their PC to do the job. The users I am dealing with wouldn't understand how to do that.

Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
It looks like distiller has just hit it's end of life and replaced by

You could also use something like aspPDF for .NET or classic asp

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