Outlook Sizing Issue

When using the resize button Outlook minimizes to the tray. To open it from the tray the end user must hover over the application in the tray then right click the small window view and select maximize from the menu options. The window cannot be moved from one screen to the other or the window again minimizes to the tray and has to opened as stated above.
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Sumit GuptaConnect With a Mentor System and Virtualization EngineerCommented:
Sounds like you may have Outlook set to "Hide When Minimized".

To check:

   -From System Tray, click "Show hidden icons" arrow.

   -Right-click on Outlook icon

   -Uncheck "Hide When Minimized" if selected.

Or try solution: Right click on the task bar and choose "Cascade Windows". Go figure
nashim khanConnect With a Mentor Exchange AdministratorCommented:

Please read the below Kb article. It having the settings for your issue. It will help you to solve your query.


And the below is one more referances for you.

Nashim Khan
MissyVAuthor Commented:
The Cascade Windows from the Taskbar did the trick. Right, Go Figure!! I thought I had tryed and checked everything I could.
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