Grant Send As permissions to a user for all users in a group

I am attempting to grant access for our server that processes emails with large attachments send as permissions for all users, I am looking for a better way to do this than going to each mailbox and granting the account send as permissions and having to continue to do that for new users.  I've tried adding send as permission on the domain users group through active directory users and computers to no avail.
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Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
If you are using an actual server to send out emails wouldn't you just want to setup a "receive connector" with " anonymous send access?

You can also use the below code to do this via powershell. The CSV file needs to be constructed with Headings Mailbox and sAMAccountName. Add the Mailbox name of every user under the Mailbox heading and add the user account you want to grant access to beside each mailbox name under the sAMAccountName heading.

#Import the Active Directory Module
Import-Module activedirectory
#Create a variable for the CSV file import
$Access = Import-Csv "c:\CSV Files\YourCSVFileHere.csv"
#Using the variable this will read the CSV file and modify the Active Directory permission based on the headers in the CSV file
$Access = foreach ($ADPerm in $Access) {
#Powershell command using the variable and headers to modify all of the "Send As" Active Directory permissions
Add-ADPermission -Identity $ADPerm.Mailboxes -User $ADPerm.SAMAccountName -Accessrights extendedright -ExtendedRights "send as"

Open in new window


Run following command to give Send As permission to Single User on all mailboxes:
Get-Mailbox | Add-Adpermission -User <UserName> -ExtendedRights "Send As"

For send as on group please check link from
visioneeringincAuthor Commented:
This is the way it works:
-User creates email with an attachment
-If the attachment is over the designated size the outlook add-in captures the email
-The server then sends a new email in its place with a link and password to download the attachment

The problem is obviously that it doesn't have permission to send as the user that sent the original email

Running either of those commands will fix the problem but I would prefer a solution that doesn't require me to re-run it every time I add a new user (if the capability exists).
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Ok...well if you don't want to run this script or command everytime you can simply use "Delegation of Control" on a specific OU referencing the Send As on all descendant user objects. So when a new user is created and resides in that OU you will automatically get Send As access over it. You can also do this at the domain level as well but i do not recommend doing that. Do this on a top level OU if you have multiple OU's underneath.

Send As is an AD attribute that Exchange uses.

- Right click the OU
- Select "Delegate Control"
- Click Next on the main screen
- Add the User, Group or Computers you want to use, click Next
- Select "Create a custom Task to delegate", click Next
- Select "Only the following objects in the folder"
- Scroll down and select, "User Objects" click Next
- Leave "General" checked off
- Scroll down and select "Send As", click Next
- Click Finish on the last page

Now when you add a new user to that OU whatever group, user, or computer you selected originally will automatically have "Send As" rights over that user.

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visioneeringincAuthor Commented:
That worked perfectly thanks!!
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