Append datestamp to all files in a directory

I need a script that will allow me to append the datestamp of each file in a directory to each filename.  For example;

Name                                                         Date Modified
test1.txt                                                      6/18/2013
Joeresume.doc                                            7/12/2013

Would become;

Name                                                         Date Modified
test1_20130618.txt                                                6/18/2013
Joeresume_20130712.doc                                      7/12/2013
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Function GetDateTimeStamp
  Dim strNow
  strNow = Now()
  GetDateTimeStamp = Year(strNow) & Pad2(Month(strNow)) _
        & Pad2(Day(StrNow)) & Pad2(Hour(strNow)) _
        & Pad2(Minute(strNow)) & Pad2(Second(strNow))
End Function

Function Pad2(strIn)
  Do While Len(strIn) < 2
    strIn = "0" & strIn
  Pad2 = strIn
End Function
Bill PrewCommented:
Here's a simple small BAT script that should do the job.  It assumes your date format is MM/DD/YYYY, if it isn't we can adjust for that.

Save as a BAT file and adjust the folder name near the top to be the location of the files to rename.  Currently I have the actual REN command with an ECHO in front of it.  SO when you run it for testing it won't actually rename the files, but will just display the rename command it would execute.  This will allow you to verify you are getting the naming you want.

Once it looks good in test mode, remove the word ECHO in front of the REN, and run for real.  Only run it once for real in the folder, or else you will get the date appended multiple times.

@echo off
setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion

set BaseDir=c:\EE\EE28244069\Files

for %%F in ("%BaseDir%\*.*") do (
  set Stamp=%%~tF
  set Stamp=!Stamp:~6,4!!Stamp:~0,2!!Stamp:~3,2!
  ECHO ren "%%~F" "%%~nF_!Stamp!%%~xF"

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