Exchange 2003- Can not uncompress mailbox.edb database

Somehow during the clean up for the drive that hosts the mailbox.edb file, it became compressed.  I've tried using the command line- compact /u /s command to decompress it as well as going into the advanced properties and unchecking 'Compress contents to save disk space' on the file- however neither techniques not seem to apply or remove the compression attribute.  The file is still blue and has a 'C' in the attribute column.  If i open the advance attributes the check is back in the box.  I've rebooted and attempted these two techniques a few times without success.

MSExchangeIS (2536) First Storage Group: An attempt to open the compressed file "D:\Mailboxes\Mailbox Database.edb" for read / write access failed because it could not be converted to a normal file.  The open file operation will fail with error -4005 (0xfffff05b).  To prevent this error in the future you can manually decompress the file and change the compression state of the containing folder to uncompressed.  Writing to this file when it is compressed is not supported.

Obviously all users are unable to connect to the exchange server to send/receive email.
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Dez99Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
What I ended up having success with was this

I connected an external USB HD to the Exchange server
Using the Exchange Management Console- Used the 'Move Database Path' of the First Storage Group - and selected a location on the external USB drive (F:).  When Exchange copied the database it removed the compressed that the disk cleanup process had put on it (just as windows does when you copy a compressed file to a new location)
After the Move DataBase path had completed, I restarted exchange and received an ESE error in the event log stating

MSExchangeIS (2028) First Storage Group: Error -1811 (0xfffff8ed) occurred while opening logfile D:\Mailboxes\Logs\E00.log.

This log file had been placed on the F: drive where the Database was now residing.
I copied this file to the D:\Mailboxes\Logs\ location and then restarted Microsoft Exchange Information and all was well-  including the mounted database at full functionality.
Go to the folder that contains the database file and uncheck the compress option on the folder.  Then try removing compression from the file.
In Services, stop the Microsoft Information Store first, because now the file is in use. By stopping the service, the file becomes available for modification.
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You shouldn't need to stop the services as instructed by Kimputer, as the database is offline and the service isn't attached to the file.
Dez99Author Commented:
The folder that contains the file is not compressed-

I have stopped all services and attempted both of these techniques
Dez99Author Commented:
Using the Move Database Path via exchange management console I was able to safely remove the compression that had been put on the .edb file during the disk cleanup/compress old file process.

Once that was done, i had to copy a log file from the new location to where exchange had the current log path- restart MS Exchange Information Store and all was well.
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