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Dear Experts:

We have procured the tablets samsung MDM supporting  T3100 series devicefor sales ( they work at office also on road) for using the CRM where tablet is enabled with wifi and also GSM network but now the major concern is security measure.

1.How to restrict the sales user work uses tablet not to install any app or software since GSM network is enabled for data services

2.How to restrict the sales user not having administrator privileges so that installation is not possible, similarly deny access to the unwanted apps and deny camera access.

3. allow access only to the CRM as the CRM is webbased and also app available and block all the rest of the accesss.

4. How centrally manage all the tablets if any installl it should be only from IT
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gt2847cConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Probably the most effective way would be to use a mobile device management solution like AirWatch or MobileIron

I know that AirWatch offers both on premise as well as software as a service cloud solutions.  I believe that MobileIron also offers both.  Either product will be able to manage most, if not all of what you're looking to restrict.  AirWatch has integration with Samsung's SAFE.  Not sure if MobileIron does or not.

(Disclosure - I do not work for AirWatch, but my company uses it so I have understanding of it...)
Rich RumbleConnect With a Mentor Security SamuraiCommented:
MobileIron get's my vote. I've not seen a solution yet that works on all tablets or phone equally... but MI is pretty good and works centrally.
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