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Looking for a bit of direction really!

I need to construct a template for completion and distribution by "technophobes", snag is that they need to then email it in the body of an outlook email (not as an attachment) and it needs to be viewable on BB - not as a file attachment but again in the body of the email.

Can put together the form in Word or Excel 2007 with all the usual form fields to make it really easy to complete but wondering if this is the right way to go? Should I attempt an outlook template instead although no experience with these and not sure you can protect the document while leaving the input fields accessible?  

If sticking to Word or Excel any ideas on how to automate the "copy & paste" into an outlook message? I can do it but meant unprotecting the document, copy, open email, paste which is not something the end users are willing or necessarily able to do.

Think the Blackberry issue is going to be a little hit and miss - have come up with a few templates that look ok but need to get the fundamental direction right first.

Btw Outlook is 2007 as well and also have Infopath but this is not present on the majority of company computers and I have no experience with it.  We also have Sharepoint although is v2003 so maybe an easier way round through that?

Would welcome any suggestions/ideas :o)


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Jian An LimConnect With a Mentor Solutions ArchitectCommented:
easiest way is to use word and get it send directly

How to send a Word document as an email message directly from Word

this way, you will able to setup the template, and immediately send it after composing it.
jaffageekAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately that sends the document as an attachment not as the body of the email which is what I need it to do
jaffageekAuthor Commented:
Have had a play with Infopath 2007 since my last request and now have a form with is user friendly and emails to the required staff with one click of a button.  However, the issue remains regarding compatibility with Blackberry - email arrives but is blank except for the title
Jian An LimSolutions ArchitectCommented:
i want to confirm behaviour.

you want the document content (not as attachment) to be send.

the instruction i have i send the document content, and i confirm the behaviour, it is not attaching the document as attachment

remember click "send a copy" not "send"

click "send a copy" actually send the document content
while click "send "  will send the document as attachment.

(it is quite confuse sometimes but this is the behaviour)
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