Disable Colorbox Module Without Breaking Drupal Site?

I'm not using the Colorbox module on the site. It's greyed out because apparently other modules require it.

Would it be okay if I disabled using Drush, or would there be unforseen consequences?
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junipllcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That's what I figured. I wouldn't tinker with the requirements and dependencies. They could have disastrous results. I've seen it, lived through it, and fixed it. It's not pretty :)

Uncaught TypeError sounds like it's a jQuery error. Do you know what version of jQuery is running on the site? If you have jQuery Update installed you should be able to choose the version. Colorbox may require a higher version than you are running. In drupal 6 the default version was 1.3.2 and in D7 it's 1.5. With jQuery Update in D7 you can bring that to 1.7 or 1.8, I believe.

It's also possible that for some reason jQuery isn't being loaded onto the page. Check the source to see if jquery.js is being referenced in the <head></head> area.

That's where I would start. JavaScript/jQuery errors are not the most descriptive in the world.

I wouldn't. If it's grayed out, it means it's a requirement for another module, or a Feature (from the Features module). If you can determine which one it is (look at the Required by, etc. below the module's description) then see if you can disable that "parent" module.

Are you using a distribution by any chance? Or just the standard Drupal install?

sandshakimiAuthor Commented:
I'm using the OpenPublic distro.

This all stems from an error:

"Uncaught TypeError: Object[object Object] has no method 'colorbox'

I was looking for an easy solution, figure it was disabling the module.

Otherwise any ideas on how to fix?
Can you log into the website and go to the modules page and see what other modules are using it?
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