PfSense appliance for VMware Esxi 5.1

The PfSense website says that vmware appliances in the .ova format are available for all releases after 2.02.  I can't find any of these files on the download sites, and they don't appear to be included in the LiveCD image.

Anyone know where to find the appliance and to find documentation?
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ded_chConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I believe the reason why you can't find the ova files is, that they stopped making them after v2.0.3
Here is a link to a mirror with older versions including the ova's

But you might be able to just import that version and then upgrade pfsense from the Web interface.

This way you get a functioning vmware version with the newest release.
I myself had trouble to find actual links to pfsense products. The website is anything but user friendly in that regards.
The one article that comes up on simply states that it can be downloaded from where other medias can be found. However, on none of the mirros I was able to find the ova download.
The only thing I was able to find is this link:

It has a downloadable ova version for pfsense.

However, since it is not the original source, I don't know if you can trust that source completely.
dakota5Author Commented:
Yes, not sure I want to use this version.  PfSense is up to v2.1, and the website authoritatively states that appliances are available.  They must be part of another package that we can't find or understand.  I'm going to leave the question open for a while.
dakota5Author Commented:
OK, that suggests they just haven't release the v2.1 as an appliance, yet.   thanks for sorting this out.  

By the way, subscribed for the $99/y fee and received the new full pdf documentation.  I don't see anything about upgrading using the WebGUI, just some comments about doing it from the console.

Where do you see a link for upgrading on the Web interface?

Thanks again.
Maybe they have removed the auto updater in the newest version. It used to be accessible under the system menu --> firmware
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