Lock down Local Area Connection properties...even for administrator accounts

Hi everyone I have a little conundrum. I want to change the DNS server settings to all our roaming computers in the company so that they point to a cloud based security service. There are 2 accounts on these machines, one is the general administrator account and the second is the user account. The user account unfortunately has local administrator priviledge because many of the enterprise apps require it. My question is....Is there any way that I can lock down modifying local area connection TCP/IP properties for EVERYONE in Group Policy editor or some other way to prevent savvy users from simply changing DNS server entries?

Edit: These are WORKGROUP type computers running mostly Windows 7 Pro and a few XP Pro instances.
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DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Sorry....Since you say "The user account unfortunately has local administrator priviledge..."

There is absolutely no way. A savvy admin will ALWAYS be able to undo what ever you try and do.
carcharias75Author Commented:
I understand that there will ultimately be a way to undo it, I am simply looking for a way to make it harder. Example, by disabling the Allow change proxy settings in the local group policy editor any user would still need to know to launch the group policy editor, find the appropriate key and modify it rather than just change the proxy settings directly into Internet Explorer. I realize my hands are tied but I still need to workaround their local admin priviledge somehow.
DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:

In that case look over

Configure network connection restrictions with Group Policy
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DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
And maybe even

Disable Control Panel

Don ThomsonCommented:
With a little bit of experimenting, you should be able to create a new "Semi"Admin group that only has the privileges to run the apps you need to have them run.  Then get them out of the "Local Administrators group"

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carcharias75Author Commented:
You read my mind. I set up a lab environment and went totally granular on required privileges and got them off the broad local admin group.
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