transferring files between old server sbs 2003 and new server sbs 2008 (two routers - two ips)

I need some suggestions on the easiest way to copy files from one old sbs 2003 server to the new sbs 2008 server.

The SBS 2003 network is on its own router with its own WAN static IP
The SBS 2008 network is also on its own router and its own WAN static IP.

Both routers are next to each other in the same physical location.

The new SBS 2008 network is up and running - but I now need to move SQL SERVER files, documents, old TIF faxes and other files.

Please advise...
Dale MassicottePresidentAsked:
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ded_chConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sure, you can even put a straight cable between them, as most fairly modern network cards autodetect that and switch automatically.
Or you just take any small switch lying around and use that in between.

If you have more than one network port on the servers, just connect two free ones to each other. Then set an ip config on these two connections that share a subnet.
E.g. use on one of the machines (subnetmask and on the other (same subnetmask)
Then you should be able to access the server using the other ones IP Address.
However, if the two server do not share a Domain, or are not part of a domain, you might need to use <remotedomain>\username to authenticate where <remotedomain> is the domain of the other server.
Thomas GrassiSystems AdministratorCommented:
I would use either

Robocopy    or


Both have batch command line functions

Teracopy works with explorer also
unknown_routineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have 2 suggestion for you

1: Use an external hard drive to move the files. This is probably fastest and easiest.

2: Set up a FTP server on windows server 2003 .  Then connect to that server from windows 2008 and get the files:
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If both routers support VPN, you could create a Site-to-Site Tunnel between the two networks.
Another option would be to use a tool like Teamviewer. By starting the teamviewer client on one of the machines and then connecting to that session from the other server using Teamviewer host, you can then use the built-in file transfer tool. That tool transfers files over the internet, but encrypted. Teamviewer also does not need any NAT configuration on any of the routers to allow port forwarding.
Then there is also always the option of using an external USB Harddisk of course ;-)
As unknown_routine states, an FTP Server could be an option. However, then you would need to configure port forwarding on the receiving end. This, because your ftp server running on one of the machines would be listening on a private IP while the network from the outside is only accessible from its Public IP. So you need to instruct your router to forward Packages directed at your public ip using the ftp port to your internal server running the ftp software.

I also just remembered that you can set up a VPN connection between the two windows servers. For this, you go to the network settings and go to create new connection. Select VPN and follow the prompts. Should be easy enough to accomplish.
Dale MassicottePresidentAuthor Commented:
Based on these suggestions and all are good, i was wondering if I cannot just hook up cat5 cable between servers as a TEMPORARY connection as a FASTER option no?  obviously I would need to know how to make the computers talk to each other
Pradeep DubeyConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
you can connect both server with a cross cable for fast copy and use below option.

My suggestion is to use robocopy with logs. It will copy all ntfs permissions as well. Write a log in txt file so you can check if something wrong you can fix it.
See below command options:
ROBOCOPY <source> <destination> <[file name> <options>

suppose from the C drive you have to copy everything and copy to network drive \\xyz\d$

for this command will be this :

ROBOCOPY c:\ \\xyz\d$ /e /sec /copyall /r:3 /log:c:\copylog.txt

for more syntax option check below link :
Dale MassicottePresidentAuthor Commented:

can I use windows exploer  over  cmd ?  as I am not familiar with cmd
Thomas GrassiConnect With a Mentor Systems AdministratorCommented:
With teracopy you can use explorer it is a free program

get it here
Dale MassicottePresidentAuthor Commented:
I appreciate all the input and there were lots of valid answers.  Thanks
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