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I'm trying to create a custom Outlook form.  It's a bit of a struggle.  Is there any books or documents that provide a comprehensive how to for building these forms.  
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unknown_routineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I know sereral books on outlook but only one of them covers Custom froms is details(chapter 4)

Programming Microsoft® Outlook® and Microsoft Exchange 2003, Third Edition (Pro-Developer) [Hardcover]
WildgenAuthor Commented:
This is a fine beginning document.  I however need a deeper dive into the subject.  need to figure out how to create an active hyperlink in a form.  Versioning methods for publishing. how to use form regions.  Form work flow. etc.
WildgenAuthor Commented:
I agree. few books cover Outlook forms.  Much less something current like 2010.  Guess we should be using something else.  Thanks for the input.
Most of the form related contents in 2003 version still apply to 2010 . You can still make a good use of the above book.
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