Query That Uniquely Blends Values

Greetings, Experts!  I've been out of the loop with Access for quite a while and need your help with a small query project.

I have two tables.  I need to have a query that merges the values in a manner as shown below:



QUERY RESULTS:  (single field)
Dog 1
Cat 1
Human 1
Dog 2
Cat 2
Human 2
Dog 3
Cat 3
Human 3

I know that this can be done, and can almost figure it out.  Ol' Toddy is stumped.  Help a poor guy out, purty please?

I thank you kindly!

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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
SELECT [FieldFromTable1] & " " & [FieldFromTable2] AS Combined
FROM Table1, Table2;

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todjklkiAuthor Commented:
Top shelf!  Thank you!
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Oh, ..the background....

This is called a Cartesian Product

It is technically done by using a CROSS JOIN (Explicit)

However Access does not support CROSS JOIN,(... I don't think...?)
So I used the "Implicit" syntax above.

You can do a search here or on the web for:  Cartesian Cross Join


todjklkiAuthor Commented:
That's right!  It makes sense after you mentioned the background information.

Thank you sooooo much, Jeff.  You da man.
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