Can't access shares on a Win 7 machine from win xp. DUH!

I  think this was working OK.  Not sure what changed.

machine A - win 7 sharing folders

machine B - win xp trying to get to the files

username and password on both are the same
Workgroup is the same on both machines
windows firewall is off on both machines
win xp is a new test machine.
I can ping both machines from each other and I can ping itself
both are on the same subnet.
other machines can get to \\machine\sharename
how much simpler could it be :  )   What am I missing?

if I type \\machineA from windows explorer on machine B, I get \\machineA is not accessible, you might not have permissions to use this network resource.... the specified server cannot perform the requested operation.

From machine A, if I type \\machinea, I see the shares.

thoughts!?  this xp machine, again, is  a new build
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Nick RhodeConnect With a Mentor IT DirectorCommented:
honestly I would go into you network sharing > advanced sharing settings

Turn off password protected sharing

Also make sure they are part of the same workgroup
BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
I rebooted the win 7 machine,  thanks
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