dual power supply, case and motherboard for a server

hi i hope you are well.

i want to build a server (dont want to buy a dell or whatever) and want to put in a redundant power supply that auto fails over if the other one dies.

does anyone know of any cost effective way of doing this? if so what case and what psu?

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KimputerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In the past, I've depended on these products:


HOWEVER, I was a reseller with their local office nearby. If you don't have the correct channel (i.e. a good reseller with good contact with that company), it's hard to get the product, but also harder to get good service/warranty.

Pricing was reasonable at that time, case + PSU I'm guessing about 300 to 400 euros
247computerdoctorAuthor Commented:
thanks for that. ive been in touch and they seem reasonable.

im going to wait top see if i get any other replies before closing the question
247computerdoctorConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
these guys are also pretty reasonable..


thanks for your help
247computerdoctorAuthor Commented:
i came up with an alternative that may help others too
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