Excel Noobie needs some help with a macro that will copy a specific cell in all Workbooks in a given folder

I was tracking and comparing some values in an excel sheet that does sums a column.  Fairly basic and straighforward, that sheet was then saved to represent a day in a given month.  Now after about 6 months of this, i am told need to sum all the sheets.  It isn't huge number, but over 10 or so different topics, 10-20 or so sheets a month, so cumulatively speaking, it is a lot.  

Essentially I just want a new sheet that will look at all files in a given folder and add the value s found in say C12 in all the WBs.  I was thinking of just making one for each month, and hoping it would then be able to go to look in the folder it resides, and any sub folders it finds and add up this specifc cell, which is the same in all the WB.  

Excel 2010 if it matters.
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Zack BarresseCEOCommented:
Hi there,

I'm trying to understand you. You speak of summing 'sheets', but then talk about different 'workbooks' in a folder (including subfolders). Can you clarify? Do you mean you want to

-Choose a folder

-Sum C12 (whatever you specify) in every sheet of every book of every folder (and subfolders)?
-Sum C12 (whatever you specify) in every sheet of a single book
-Sum C12 (whatever you specify) in a single sheet of every book of every folder (and subfolders)?

Zack Barresse
tsaicoAuthor Commented:
Sorry, should have been more clear.

-sum c12 in a single sheet of every book of a specific folder and it's subfolders.
hi tsaico,

Ron DeBruin has created a useful, and free, add-in which can do this for you. The add-in is described on this page:

Zack, the flexibility of RDB's add-in may save the need for more questions to get clarification (eg the sheet name or number of sheets in the file). ;-)


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tsaicoAuthor Commented:
Exactly what I needed.  Thanks so much!
Thanks tsaico - I'm pleased I could help,

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