Vmware view printing

I am currently running vmware view 5.2 and all of my applications including office is running just fine.  This is a new install of vmware view.  The gold image is windows 7 x64 with office 32 bit

I have one application written in VB6 that we must use for our internal systems.  It runs fine however when it comes to printing it might take 2 minutes to get out a simple label to network attached printer.

This same application is running on a dozen  windows 7 x64 with office 2010 32 bit on a physical machine and prints just fine.  I also have it running three dozen windows xp machines without an issue.

I called vmware for help and they passed it off to the application saying "BAD" application however I am at a loss on how to debug this.    

If I print from the gold image from the vmware console; the response time is just as bad as a linked clone.

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So printing from the custom app takes 2mins'ish when printing from a View Desktop? Does printing from anything else within the View Desktop work ok?

MainSail2007Author Commented:
Hello CoolSport00 - I ended up calling vmware and using processMON I was able to track it down to the vmware view agent install of the thin print solution.   We removed that and everything worked.  We feel that it might be a conflict in the NTDLL.DLL between the VB6 and the current windows 7 and vmware view 5.2

I am going to close the question
Thanks for posting the solution; I was going to suggest a potential issue between the printing and view agent services. The fix for that would be to uninstall the View Agent, VMware Tools, then reinstall VMware Tools, then View Agent on the parent, then recompose the Pool. But.... ;)

Glad you got it working.


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