exclude columns for SQL Server 2005 trace

I'm creating a scheduled serverside trace for a SQL Server 2005 machine. I'd like to exclude the BinaryData/2 column for the SQL:StmtCompleted/41 event.

Here's a reference to what I'm talking about:

The following code does not filter out the above. Can you please explain what is wrong or show another approach?

/* Server Side Trace                           */
-- Declare variables
DECLARE @maxFileSize bigint
DECLARE  @on bit
DECLARE @off bit

-- Set values
SET @maxFileSize = 5
SET @fileName = N'C:\TestTrace'
SET  @on=1
SET @off=0

-- Create trace
EXEC @rc = sp_trace_create @TraceID output, 0, @fileName, @maxFileSize, NULL  

-- If error end process
IF (@rc != 0) GOTO error

-- Set the events and data to collect
EXEC sp_trace_setevent @TraceID, 41, 14, @on
EXEC sp_trace_setevent @TraceID, 41, 15, @on
EXEC sp_trace_setevent @TraceID, 41, 16, @on
EXEC sp_trace_setevent @TraceID, 41, 17, @on
EXEC sp_trace_setevent @TraceID, 41,  2, @off

-- Start the trace
EXEC sp_trace_setstatus @TraceID, 1
-- display trace id for future references  
SELECT TraceID=@TraceID  
GOTO finish  

-- error trap
SELECT ErrorCode=@rc  

-- exit

In essence, I want to run a serverside trace and I want to exclude particular columns for whatever events I choose. I do not want to use the GUI though.


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Eugene ZCommented:
try to exclude\comment this column

--EXEC sp_trace_setevent @TraceID, 41,  2, @off
pae2Author Commented:
I already have that in my code. Does anyone else have any ideas?
Eugene ZCommented:
<I already have that in my code>
can you remove this from you code?
and post result
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pae2Author Commented:
I tried that already too. It seems all columns are returned by default. That's what I'm trying to alter. I want to exclude some of them. Any ideas?
Eugene ZCommented:
please post your sql 2005 server version edition
make sure it has latest sql sp (4)
Eugene ZCommented:
EXEC sp_trace_setevent @TraceID, 41,  2, 0
pae2Author Commented:
I'm going to have to try this later today. I'll get back to you. Thanks!
Eugene ZCommented:
try to generate the script via sql profiler - try to run this trace from GUI and see if the output file is ok
safe the script and use from ssms \job
pae2Author Commented:
None of these worked. I stopped trying after the 2013-09-20 at 09:33:36 post.

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Eugene ZCommented:
you should really try the posted solutions after the 2013-09-20 at 09:33:36 post.
pae2Author Commented:
Nothing worked with the answers provided.
Eugene ZCommented:
so you did not try the posted solutions after the 2013-09-20 at 09:33:36 post?
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