Toshiba Dynadock Video Output Resolution issue

Using the Toshiba Dynadock with a USB connection to my new computer, with my monitor connected to the dynadock tower, there seems to be a problem with the resolution output from the dynadock tower. There are a number of different resolutions to choose from in the intel graphics software and in the toshiba displaylink manager but the maximum resolution is 1366x768 and the monitor still wants to display 1440x900. This is resulting in black bars all around the monitor screen and the scaling options built in to the monitor do not seem to work to fill the screen or auto adjust.

Laptop: PT534C-05701V
Dock: PA3927C-1PRP
Monitor: HSTND-2451-F

Any help is much appreciated
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, I find most monitors like to use their own display recommended settings not the video card, your laptop may not be able to support this?
Or it could be the USB, maybe the drivers?
I find updating drivers right through from your onboard video and this dock
Try this first please
Click here to check the compatibility of your computer and device connectivity
click on thisDrivers here
For references purposes
 Toshiba Dynadock
Monitor: HSTND-2451-F
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