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Powershell Script to Create Virtual Machines in VMM keeps creating a new hardware profiles and templates.

I've created the following script to ask pass a few parameters and the will create VM's the script works great the first time but if you run it a 2nd time it encounters errors because it tries to use the same Hardware Profile and Template name that was already created the first time the script ran.

How can I get around this.  The code is below:

# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Create Virtual Machine From SEA-VSCVMM - EDIT:  9/19/13 
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Script generated on Thursday, September 19, 2013 10:40:55 PM by Virtual Machine Manager
# For additional help on cmdlet usage, type get-help <cmdlet name>
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
#What should the VM be called

$Name = Read-Host "Enter the Virtual Machine name (Press [Enter] to choose 
if ($Name -eq ""){$Name="Srv01"} ; if ($Name -eq $NULL){$Name="Srv01"}

#What should the Computer Name Be?
$CPUName = Read-Host "Enter the Computer Name (Default is None)"
if ($CPUName -eq ""){$CPUName="*"} ; if ($CPUName -eq $NULL){$CPUName="*"}

#Describe This VM (Details are imporant here visible in VMM)
$CPUDescription = Read-Host "Enter a description for this virtual machine"
if ($CPUDescription -eq ""){$CPUDescription="*"} ; if ($CPUDescription -eq $NULL){$CPUDescription="*"} 

New-SCVirtualScsiAdapter -VMMServer sea-vscvmm -JobGroup f4d8236c-30d5-4566-b21a-ae7d041790d7 -AdapterID 7 -ShareVirtualScsiAdapter $false -ScsiControllerType DefaultTypeNoType 

New-SCVirtualDVDDrive -VMMServer sea-vscvmm -JobGroup f4d8236c-30d5-4566-b21a-ae7d041790d7 -Bus 1 -LUN 0 

$VMNetwork = Get-SCVMNetwork -VMMServer sea-vscvmm -Name "InsynQ 2.0" -ID "4159271d-8ace-4ad1-8d74-54b2d196a0f7"
$PortClassification = Get-SCPortClassification -VMMServer sea-vscvmm | where {$_.Name -eq "Data Network"}

New-SCVirtualNetworkAdapter -VMMServer sea-vscvmm -JobGroup f4d8236c-30d5-4566-b21a-ae7d041790d7 -MACAddress "00-00-00-00-00-00" -MACAddressType Static -Synthetic -EnableVMNetworkOptimization $false -IPv4AddressType Dynamic -IPv6AddressType Dynamic -VMNetwork $VMNetwork -PortClassification $PortClassification 

Set-SCVirtualCOMPort -NoAttach -VMMServer sea-vscvmm -GuestPort 1 -JobGroup f4d8236c-30d5-4566-b21a-ae7d041790d7 

Set-SCVirtualCOMPort -NoAttach -VMMServer sea-vscvmm -GuestPort 2 -JobGroup f4d8236c-30d5-4566-b21a-ae7d041790d7 

Set-SCVirtualFloppyDrive -RunAsynchronously -VMMServer sea-vscvmm -NoMedia -JobGroup f4d8236c-30d5-4566-b21a-ae7d041790d7 

$CPUType = Get-SCCPUType -VMMServer sea-vscvmm | where {$_.Name -eq "3.60 GHz Xeon (2 MB L2 cache)"}

$CapabilityProfile = Get-SCCapabilityProfile -VMMServer sea-vscvmm | where {$_.Name -eq "Hyper-V"}

#Nulled out Call to Create new HW Profile for TESTING
#New-SCHardwareProfile -VMMServer sea-vscvmm -CPUType $CPUType -Name "Profile7e612a6a-4844-45df-aa99-f989b26ee292" -Description "Profile used to create a VM/Template" -CPUCount 6 -MemoryMB 1024 -DynamicMemoryEnabled $true -DynamicMemoryMinimumMB 512 -DynamicMemoryMaximumMB 15360 -DynamicMemoryBufferPercentage 20 -MemoryWeight 5000 -VirtualVideoAdapterEnabled $false -CPUExpectedUtilizationPercent 20 -DiskIops 0 -CPUMaximumPercent 100 -CPUReserve 0 -NumaIsolationRequired $false -NetworkUtilizationMbps 0 -CPURelativeWeight 100 -HighlyAvailable $true -HAVMPriority 2000 -DRProtectionRequired $false -NumLock $false -BootOrder "CD", "IdeHardDrive", "PxeBoot", "Floppy" -CPULimitFunctionality $false -CPULimitForMigration $false -CapabilityProfile $CapabilityProfile -JobGroup f4d8236c-30d5-4566-b21a-ae7d041790d7 

$Template = Get-SCVMTemplate -VMMServer sea-vscvmm -ID "a9806749-14bd-468c-868d-23d1b47eade0" | where {$_.Name -eq "Windows Datacenter 2012"}
$HardwareProfile = Get-SCHardwareProfile -VMMServer sea-vscvmm | where {$_.Name -eq "Cloud Runner - VC setup"}

$OperatingSystem = Get-SCOperatingSystem -VMMServer sea-vscvmm -ID "ff0fe0a6-7166-44d3-8a0c-379195e2f9bb" | where {$_.Name -eq "64-bit edition of Windows Server 2012 Datacenter"}

New-SCVMTemplate -Name "IQ VMM Template" -Template $Template -HardwareProfile $HardwareProfile -JobGroup f4d8236c-30d5-4566-b21a-ae7d041790d7 -ComputerName $CPUName -TimeZone 4  -FullName "" -OrganizationName "" -AnswerFile $null -OperatingSystem $OperatingSystem 

$template = Get-SCVMTemplate -All | where { $_.Name -eq "IQ VMM Template" }
$virtualMachineConfiguration = New-SCVMConfiguration -VMTemplate $template -Name $Name
Write-Output $virtualMachineConfiguration
$vmHost = Get-SCVMHost -ID "108744e5-d740-48ea-9a12-98cb0bc6a2f9"
Set-SCVMConfiguration -VMConfiguration $virtualMachineConfiguration -VMHost $vmHost
Update-SCVMConfiguration -VMConfiguration $virtualMachineConfiguration
Set-SCVMConfiguration -VMConfiguration $virtualMachineConfiguration -ComputerName "$CPUName"

Update-SCVMConfiguration -VMConfiguration $virtualMachineConfiguration
New-SCVirtualMachine -Name $Name -VMConfiguration $virtualMachineConfiguration -Description "$CPUDescription" -BlockDynamicOptimization $false -JobGroup "f4d8236c-30d5-4566-b21a-ae7d041790d7" -ReturnImmediately -DelayStartSeconds "0"

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1 Solution
seanabAuthor Commented:
I've figured it out myself... I'm just appending to that script a command to delete the profile at the end.  That does what I need so I do not need to go back in the VMM Library and remove any profiles or templates it creates in the process.

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