Access denied to cgi scripts

My B&B uses an online reservation system which relies on PERL and cgi scripts.  Yesterday I changed the .htaccess file, attempting to redirect requests for to, hoping to consolidate back link credits and avoid search rank penalties for duplicate content.   This had unexpected consequences for my booking system, which (I did not realize) requires the www. prefix for certain functions.  In an effort to make the booking system work with the new .htaccess, I edited a cgi script, changing the base URL from the www to the non-www landing page of my site.  After that, there developed a suexec policy violation error, preventing cgi scripts from running.  

I abandoned the project to redirect www requests, restored the previous .htaccess, and rolled back the changes I had made to the cgi script.  The suexec policy error resolved, but there is now an error 13 whenever any of the booking system cgi scripts are invoked: "Forbidden -- you do not have permission to access [the cgi script] on this server."   I have checked permissions -- folders are set to 755 and individual files to 644.  The server uses Unix and Apache, about which I know next to nothing.
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The individual cgi files need to have execute permission. If they are set to 644 they DO NOT have the required execute permission. Set the cgi file permission to 755 as well.

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ddantesAuthor Commented:
Thank you.  I set permissions to 755 for individual .pl and .cgi files, but no change in the access denial.
Did you make any changes to the Apache config files?

Each directory that contains cgi's must be defined as such to Apache before they can be executed.

Do you know exactly what cgi it is trying to execute when you get the error. If not check the Apache logs for the error message. It might be that you have not yet changed the permission for the correct script.
ddantesAuthor Commented:
After your advice about CHMOD 755, I had set permissions correctly, but uploaded the folders to the wrong location on the server.  All is well now, and thank you for your input.
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