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Dear All,

I have imaged a HP 8300 PC (Windows AIK), but I have HP 8200's and HP 8000, will my image work with them or will I have to create an image for each model?

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Depending on how much the hardware differs, you could still use the same image. Even in one series (for instance 8300), you can still have hardware differences if your model is not exactly the same (different NIC, VGA and stuff). Because it seems the whole series are built on Intel based solutions (mobo/chipset/vga), it's MOST LIKELY (but not 100%) you can use the same image (you won't get a BSOD on upon a new start), some PC's might require some uninstall and reinstall of different drivers (as said before, mostly sound, vga, nic). So now it depends on how much time you need to inventory the EXACT hardware, the time you need to build new images, and the time you need to fix a PC with a slightly wrong image, and decide which route is most efficient (keep image, use more time to adjust for other pc's everytime you use the image, or make a new image for every PC with different hardware)

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Joe RudSystems AdministratorCommented:
Wow this sounds like my environment.  We're currently using Clonezilla (as an interim solution while we continue our work getting SCCM configured) for imaging.  I did use the image for an 8200 to get running, but I went back and made sure drivers were current.

So - it will work, but you still need to do cleanup after the imaging.
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