Transferring TV Videos from 32GB Ipad to Backup device to watch later.

I have a client with a 32GB Ipad totally full with training videos of some course that cost $2,000.00.  The course was sort of a gimmick and so no one really ever used it.  However she would like to back up these videos which are in 1 to 2 hour episodes.  She would like to #1: Backup the videos to a backup device and #2: Be able to watch these from a device at a later date.  How do I accomplish this for her?
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KimputerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It depends if there are just videos in your library or embedded inside an app.

Method 1: Video in Library, connect to any PC, iPad will mount a drive where pictures and videos van be copied. On that PC, copy the files to your backup device. If you don't know which video
Method 2: Embedded in an app, you don't have quick access to these videos (they live in their "own" space), use iTunes to backup your app. To view it again, you have to use the same iPad (or a newer one, but still belonging to your iTunes account), and restore this backup.
bb28403Author Commented:
They are videos in the Videos section of the IPad as TV episodes.  Does your solution still apply to those?
KimputerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In this case, you purchased these video in iTunes (see purchase history) ? I means you can
do whatever you want with the iPad, throw it away, lose it. No matter what, the next time you log onto any computer in iTunes with the same account, the videos will be there waiting (not literally, if it's a new computer, it will need to be downloaded). Then you can watch it on the computer, or sync some videos on another iPhone or iPad.
I.E. you don't have to backup, it's already yours.
But please make sure it's in the iTunes purchase history. The reason you can't just copy it and restore it on whatever you want, is digital rights management. Otherwise you could even "give" these videos to anyone you want with a PC or Android device. So you're fixed to iTunes to watch it, or the iPhone/iPad that's connected to this iTunes.
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