Create a custom module from existing PHP application?

I'm being given a PHP application developed by a third party to incorporate into our existing Drupal site.

I naturally want to incorporate this app. as a Drupal module (conventional approach I assume?), so is there a best practice approach to this, versus creating a module from a blank slate?
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junipllcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think that is really very dependent on the application itself. You can build a module, yes, but there are also a number of interfaces, including the Services and Feeds modules (just to name two), so you may not need to write a module.

However, if you are going to write a module, starting from scratch might get you a more focused module to do exactly what you need and nothing more. Also, there is a lot of example code in the Examples project that you can probably build from:

What does the app do, and what type of integration do you need? Maybe I should have asked that first. :)

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