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Having an issue with blank emails being sent out with the out of office reply from a users account. It only happens to internal company recipients, external recipients will receive the correct out of office reply and no blank emails.

The first time you send the user an email, you receive the out of office reply including the blank email.
The next time you send the user an email, you receive only the blank email. Happens each time.
When out of office is turned of, there is no blank email.

Thought maybe it could be that the user saved a blank out of office reply one time, and it's somehow stuck.

Not the biggest issue in the world, but a bit annoying for the recipients. Does anyone have a solution for this ?

Exchange 2010
2008 R2
Outlook 2010 (user use to set up out of office)
Activesync (user use to set up out of office)

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Simon Butler (Sembee)Connect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
If you are getting a blank email each time, then it isn't an Out of Office. I would be looking at rules to see if there is an auto reply rule in place.

LenblockAuthor Commented:
Went through all the rules the users have, and could not find any rules which might cause it auto-reply with a blank email.

Forgot you could set rules for out the office assistant. There it was, clear as day. Auto-reply everyone with a blank email.
Disabled the rule and notified the user.

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