Rare Access Violation - GetCheckSum logic

Could a Delphi expert please advise what is wrong with below code.
Getting error
'Access violation at address 00404B40 in module 'DSafeClient.exe'. Read of address FFFFFFDC'
I have used same function without any issues, this is only happening on few machines.
Delphi 2007 on Win XP

Function GetCheckSum(wStr:String):LongInt ;
Description:  Given a String, this function will return a absolute no. of around
  10 digits.  Note: It is case insensitive

    CRCSeed = $ffffffff;

    CRC32tab : Array[0..255] of LongInt = (
      $00000000, $77073096, $ee0e612c, $990951ba, $076dc419, $706af48f,
      $e963a535, $9e6495a3, $0edb8832, $79dcb8a4, $e0d5e91e, $97d2d988,
      $09b64c2b, $7eb17cbd, $e7b82d07, $90bf1d91, $1db71064, $6ab020f2,
      $f3b97148, $84be41de, $1adad47d, $6ddde4eb, $f4d4b551, $83d385c7,
      $136c9856, $646ba8c0, $fd62f97a, $8a65c9ec, $14015c4f, $63066cd9,
      $fa0f3d63, $8d080df5, $3b6e20c8, $4c69105e, $d56041e4, $a2677172,
      $3c03e4d1, $4b04d447, $d20d85fd, $a50ab56b, $35b5a8fa, $42b2986c,
      $dbbbc9d6, $acbcf940, $32d86ce3, $45df5c75, $dcd60dcf, $abd13d59,
      $26d930ac, $51de003a, $c8d75180, $bfd06116, $21b4f4b5, $56b3c423,
      $cfba9599, $b8bda50f, $2802b89e, $5f058808, $c60cd9b2, $b10be924,
      $2f6f7c87, $58684c11, $c1611dab, $b6662d3d, $76dc4190, $01db7106,
      $98d220bc, $efd5102a, $71b18589, $06b6b51f, $9fbfe4a5, $e8b8d433,
      $7807c9a2, $0f00f934, $9609a88e, $e10e9818, $7f6a0dbb, $086d3d2d,
      $91646c97, $e6635c01, $6b6b51f4, $1c6c6162, $856530d8, $f262004e,
      $6c0695ed, $1b01a57b, $8208f4c1, $f50fc457, $65b0d9c6, $12b7e950,
      $8bbeb8ea, $fcb9887c, $62dd1ddf, $15da2d49, $8cd37cf3, $fbd44c65,
      $4db26158, $3ab551ce, $a3bc0074, $d4bb30e2, $4adfa541, $3dd895d7,
      $a4d1c46d, $d3d6f4fb, $4369e96a, $346ed9fc, $ad678846, $da60b8d0,
      $44042d73, $33031de5, $aa0a4c5f, $dd0d7cc9, $5005713c, $270241aa,
      $be0b1010, $c90c2086, $5768b525, $206f85b3, $b966d409, $ce61e49f,
      $5edef90e, $29d9c998, $b0d09822, $c7d7a8b4, $59b33d17, $2eb40d81,
      $b7bd5c3b, $c0ba6cad, $edb88320, $9abfb3b6, $03b6e20c, $74b1d29a,
      $ead54739, $9dd277af, $04db2615, $73dc1683, $e3630b12, $94643b84,
      $0d6d6a3e, $7a6a5aa8, $e40ecf0b, $9309ff9d, $0a00ae27, $7d079eb1,
      $f00f9344, $8708a3d2, $1e01f268, $6906c2fe, $f762575d, $806567cb,
      $196c3671, $6e6b06e7, $fed41b76, $89d32be0, $10da7a5a, $67dd4acc,
      $f9b9df6f, $8ebeeff9, $17b7be43, $60b08ed5, $d6d6a3e8, $a1d1937e,
      $38d8c2c4, $4fdff252, $d1bb67f1, $a6bc5767, $3fb506dd, $48b2364b,
      $d80d2bda, $af0a1b4c, $36034af6, $41047a60, $df60efc3, $a867df55,
      $316e8eef, $4669be79, $cb61b38c, $bc66831a, $256fd2a0, $5268e236,
      $cc0c7795, $bb0b4703, $220216b9, $5505262f, $c5ba3bbe, $b2bd0b28,
      $2bb45a92, $5cb36a04, $c2d7ffa7, $b5d0cf31, $2cd99e8b, $5bdeae1d,
      $9b64c2b0, $ec63f226, $756aa39c, $026d930a, $9c0906a9, $eb0e363f,
      $72076785, $05005713, $95bf4a82, $e2b87a14, $7bb12bae, $0cb61b38,
      $92d28e9b, $e5d5be0d, $7cdcefb7, $0bdbdf21, $86d3d2d4, $f1d4e242,
      $68ddb3f8, $1fda836e, $81be16cd, $f6b9265b, $6fb077e1, $18b74777,
      $88085ae6, $ff0f6a70, $66063bca, $11010b5c, $8f659eff, $f862ae69,
      $616bffd3, $166ccf45, $a00ae278, $d70dd2ee, $4e048354, $3903b3c2,
      $a7672661, $d06016f7, $4969474d, $3e6e77db, $aed16a4a, $d9d65adc,
      $40df0b66, $37d83bf0, $a9bcae53, $debb9ec5, $47b2cf7f, $30b5ffe9,
      $bdbdf21c, $cabac28a, $53b39330, $24b4a3a6, $bad03605, $cdd70693,
      $54de5729, $23d967bf, $b3667a2e, $c4614ab8, $5d681b02, $2a6f2b94,
      $b40bbe37, $c30c8ea1, $5a05df1b, $2d02ef8d  );
  ni: Integer;
  Function  CRC32(value: Byte; crc: LongInt) : LongInt;
    CRC32 := CRC32tab[Byte(crc xor LongInt(value))] xor
             ((crc shr 8) and $00ffffff);

  Function CRCend( crc : LongInt ): LongInt;
    CRCend := (crc xor CRCSeed);

  wStr:=UpperCase(wStr) ;
  crc:=$ffffffff ;
  for ni := 1 to length(wStr) do
    crc:=CRC32( ord(wStr[ni]),crc );
  Result:=Abs(crc) ;
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MerijnBSr. Software EngineerCommented:
At first glance this code seems ok.
Why do you think that access violation occurs in this piece of code?

On a side note, you never call CRCend();
Sinisa VukSoftware architectCommented:
This is not of type of Byte (even if you force it):
crc xor LongInt(value)

Open in new window

Lookup in CRC32tab must be in 0..255.

must be:
(crc xor LongInt(value)) and $FF

Open in new window

MerijnBSr. Software EngineerCommented:
@sinisav: Casting as byte is the same as anding with $FF
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Allan_FernandesAuthor Commented:
I encounter 'Access Violation' when I exit the procedure that had made a call to this function even though this is not at the end of the procedure. To confirm I reduced my program to few lines and confirmed that error does not come when I do not call this function.

Please advice what I can do.
MerijnBSr. Software EngineerCommented:
Show the entire code (the few lines).
Install madExcept (http://help.madshi.net/madExcept.htm), and show us the result of it when the error occurs again in combination with the source of your reduced program.
Allan_FernandesAuthor Commented:
For this will I have to load madExcept on my Delphi machine or only on the machine giving the error ?
MerijnBSr. Software EngineerCommented:
on you Delphi machine, you compile madExcept into the executable.

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Allan_FernandesAuthor Commented:
Somehow that error is not showing anymore. The same bug had been recurring each time for last 3 days. Anyway thanks for suggesting MadExcept. Will help me next time around.
MerijnBSr. Software EngineerCommented:
Did you make any changes (maybe which seem unrelated now) since the error stopped showing?
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