Ubuntu - dokuwiki website setup external admin page access - currently 'forbidden'

Hi there,

We have a hosted webserver running ubuntu.

I am looking to put a small wiki site onto it to hold our internal documentation.

The server is only accessible by SSH - so command line only - so i can install the Wiki software but how do i get to the admin.php as its only configured for local access when set up?

I can navigate to the apache index page to show its working. but when i try to goto the admin page of the wiki i get 'forbidden'.

i am using dokuwiki,  I only want our ip range to be able to access the server if thats possible as its internal documentation - how would i set this on ubuntu?

thanks in advance!!!
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Henk van AchterbergConnect With a Mentor Sr. Technical ConsultantCommented:
did you install using apt?

if so please use:

dpkg-reconfigure dokuwiki


otherwise please read this:


check the apache configuration in /etc/apache2/sites.enabled/<dokuwiki config> and remove the line "allow from" and adding "allow from all".
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