Forward calls From iphone without having the phone with you

Is there an app that allows you to set calls to be forwarded from your iphone to a land line when you don't have the phone with you?

If i forget my iphone at home, is there a way to get the phone to forward calls to my work phone without having the phone with me?

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There is definitely no app that can do this. It's a setting on the carrier's end, so you'll need to call your carrier, and see if they can enable forwarding on their end without using the phone.

And if they can't, there is a cumbersome workaround that you can do (if you have another physical phone with you). You can call your carrier, and switch your service over to anohter phone that you have with you. You can then enable forwarding from that phone, and then have them switch the service back to your original iPhone.
I know if you are on VerizonWireless .. if you log on to your account management page and select manage phone .. you can set up call forwarding there.  I am sure if you are on another carrier you will have the same option.
phonepagerfaxAuthor Commented:
The link from comfortjeanius got me the closest to an answer.  I guess there were two pieces of info that would help, i'm using sprint and the phone is part of a business account, it is not a personal account.

I was told that our sprint rep said there is no way to do it, you must call support each time you want it on/off, my guess is they were referring to a business account, i'm sure i would be able to do it if i had a personal account.

Thanks for the help,

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