Sort LDAP contact list alphabetically imagerunner C5235

I succesfully configured the printer with LDAP.
But the contacts are not sorted alphabetically. There is no sorting order in the contacts.

What can I do to make the contact list appear alphabetically?
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STMConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Update:  I found that if I un-check "include subcontainers," the query works consistently and everytime.  I am going to try to create an OU with just this query and have the Canon reference the OU.  Will report back soon!
Have you tried looking through the printer's web interface? The setting may be there somewhere.
acsaltenrheinAuthor Commented:
Yes, i already checked the webinterface, but didn't find anything. Canon support sais it is not possible in the normal menu, but could be there in the service menu.
But they don't give support for the service menu.

It's hard to believe that bigger companies can live with an unsorted address book.
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You're right, for a large address list (say more than 6) this is not acceptable.

As this appears to be a new printer, I would tell Canon to either fix it or take the printer back. If they can't tell you over the phone how to do it from the service menu, they should send out a technician to do it for you.
I have this exact problem with a C7055 and a C5035.  Been trying to find some sort of a solution.  The only correlation I have found it that if I create a query on the AD server (2008 or 2008 R2) for either the Display Name or DistinguishedName - > Click out of the query -> Then click back in -> The results change their order on their own and matches exactly to what appears on the Canons.  This is where I am stuck.  I am convinced that if I can get AD to report the order consistently, the Canons will automatically kick in correctly.
How do I do this AD query? STM did that solve your problem?
acsaltenrheinAuthor Commented:

I also would like to know that step by step. Thanks
Has anyone figured this out?   Where is the "include subcontainers" checkbox?
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