Open programs such as Word, Excel, Outlook from URL's in a SharePoint 2010 intranet page

Hello everyone,

I use SharePoint 2010 in our company and wrote an internal intranet page that has a collection of most commonly used URLS and more.  I also wanted to put urls to open Outlook, Word, Exce, etc since they're all installed at the same location on everyone's computer and same file paths.  If I create a URL to say open WORD, this is how the URL is create in SharePoint Designer 2010 however the program does not open for the users.  Here's an example:   file:///C:/Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office14/WINWORD.EXE

Does anyone have any suggestion on how I could call on programs to open from Internet Explorer on my SharePoint internal intranet page?

Thank you ;)
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ok - third time i have written this responce, so hopfully EE decides to work ......
This could be considered Remote Execution and is generally considered a bad thing from a security standpoint, however ....
1.) Create blank (template) files for each application you want to have your users open
2.) Copy all files to an empty Document Library in SharePoint
3.) Set the document library to read only for all users
4.) Edit the main page and put a web part on the page that displays that document library
When users click on a document, it should open the specific application.  If it does not, you need to change a setting:

1.) Goto Central Administration for your farm
2.) goto Application Management, Manage Web Applications
3.) Under the General Settings button, there will be a section called Browser File Handling, most likely it will be set to Strick - you want to change it to Permissive.

Documents should now load

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When you click on a file in a Sharepoint list, it actually executes a ton of javascript which looks at the URL for an extension (e.g. .docx for Word, .xlsx for Excel, .msg for email message etc) and decides if it understands what type of application the url should run in, and then executes  that application using Active X.  Therefore all you need to do is put a blank document of each type into a library and (provided everything is working properly) then simply clicking on the link should open the correct application automatically.
jbishop2446bAuthor Commented:
I needed the internal intranet page to launch programs such as winword.exe, outlook.exe and other programs that have the same executable location on most users workstations and the browser wouldn't allow this (of course) so I pointed a shared URL .lnk (shortcut links) which doing your steps first above then these allowed this to all work!

Thank you!
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