How do I save a file, created on my web server, locally, to a client machine?

I have created a web application in ASP .NET 3.5 [C#]. The web application lives on a web server. At one point, while using the applcation, a user can create a PDF file that is placed on the web server. My client is wanting to open and send an e-mail, from his machine, attaching the created PDF, that lives on the web server. Is this possible? If so, how?
Michael SterlingWeb Applications DeveloperAsked:
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Carl TawnConnect With a Mentor Systems and Integration DeveloperCommented:
You'll struggle to do the second part. You can provide a link to allow the user to download the file easily enough, but you won't have any control over it once it has been downloaded - i.e. you won't be able to open the mail client and attach it. The best you could do would be to provide instructions on your page on how to do that.
Carl TawnSystems and Integration DeveloperCommented:
You would need to create a link on your page that allows the user to download the file. That is of course assuming that your PDF is in a virtual directory that is accessible from your site.
Michael SterlingWeb Applications DeveloperAuthor Commented:
@carl_tawn: so it would be a two step proccess in the sense of:

put the file into a directory on the web server
[user] click and download the file to there machine

and within that 2nd step, behind the scenes, after the file is downloaded, open up their email client and attach the downloaded file?
Michael SterlingWeb Applications DeveloperAuthor Commented:
thank you
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