single-thread web server

Is there a way to force the web server to allow only one request to run at a time?  I am having a very strange problem and need to eliminate the web server as a source of my problem.  Thanks.
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Miguel OzSoftware EngineerCommented:
Short answer NO. IIS is multi-threaded by design.

But you can make one request at the time manualy (or batch file) to achieve your desired result or identify which code areas you are suspecting to have racing conditions and use synchronization objects like mutex.

Note: The latter solution is a big area in itself and beyond the scope of a simple question as it takes a long time for developers to master this skill. For more information about threading and how to use sync objects, check:
IF your team does not have a multi-threaded expert, you may be better off hiring one.

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baiedwAuthor Commented:
I had a feeling that would be the answer, I will have to come up with another idea.  Thanks for your help.
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Microsoft IIS Web Server

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